Friday, July 3, 2009

Microsoft Office Mobile

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Microsoft Office Mobile v6.1 Use Microsoft Office Mobile* on your Windows Mobile phone to get the familiar Microsoft look and feel as well as the services that youandrsquo;re used to. Even when youandrsquo;re on the road, you can open and edit Microsoft Office Word and Microsoft Office Excel documents, and view Microsoft Office PowerPoint documents!

When used on a touch screen phone, Office Mobile comes with some additional features, such as word count and the ability to check spelling in Word Mobile, chart creation in Excel Mobile, plus the ability to highlight sections of content and create documents.

The latest version of Office Mobile is compatible with Microsoft Office 2007. A free upgrade is available for qualified phones. If Microsoft Office is not pre-installed on your phone, it can be purchased separately.

Excel Mobile

Take your data with you. Use Excel Mobile to view and edit spreadsheets when you’re away from your desk.

Word Mobile

Work on your Word documents while you’re out and about. Use Word Mobile to stay productive without being tied to your desk.

PowerPoint Mobile

Be prepared! Practice and view your slides with PowerPoint Mobile while you’re on the road.

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