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Vicki Pettersson - Sign of the Zodiac, Novels 1-4

Vicki Pettersson - Sign of the Zodiac, Novels 1-4

Vicki Pettersson - Sign of the Zodiac, Novels 1-4

Archive Contents:
The Scent of Shadows (Sign of the Zodiac, Book 1)
The Taste of Night (Sign of the Zodiac, Book 2)
The Touch of Twilight (Sign of the Zodiac, Book 3)
City of Souls (Sign of the Zodiac, Book 4)
Despite its romance pedigree (Kim Harrison and Charlaine Harris contribute advance praise), this moody, fast-paced debut falls into the growing "dark fantasy" category, which blends fantasy, comic book superheroism and paranormal romance, but holds no promise of a happily-ever-after. The book's heroine, Joanna Archer, has spent the years following a brutal attack learning martial arts and trolling Sin City, Nev., for trouble. On the eve of her 25th birthday, she finds it in the form of a peculiar date who looks like a gaunt banker one moment and like hell spawn the next. Joanna fights her way out of his grasp, but her close encounter is only the beginning. Before long, she finds herself caught up in a world where a superhuman few—the Light—fight evil from the Shadow realm, a world in which she's recognized as the "Kairos," a prophesied warrior made up of both Shadow and Light who's destined to help Light prevail. Pettersson centers her story around the signs of the Zodiac, putting an imaginative spin on a familiar setup.

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